Orion Hunting Products - Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Orion® Elevated Hunting Blind Stand Towers

An engineer by training, Anderson designed an all-steel, powder-coated elevated stand tower. The all-steel design makes for a structurally stable tower that is critter-proof, and the powder-coat paint prevents rusting while out in the elements.

Improvements to the elevated hunting stand tower include a large deck that allows the hunter to open their blind door while standing with two feet securely on the deck and a stair with handrails that encourage three-points of contact as you climb.

Orion® Modular, Insulated Hunting Blinds

Some of the best hunting spots are not easily accessible by vehicles, let alone heavy-equipment such as skid-steers and tractors commonly used to set up deer hunting blinds. Orion's modular panels are constructed of light-weight Aluminum and weigh less than 40 lbs each. No tools are required for assembly. The patented quick-latch system holds the hunting blind together with more than 1000 lbs of latching pressure - floor-to-walls, wall-to-wall, and walls-to-ceiling. 

All Orion® Hunting Products are manufactured in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.