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No Tools Required

No Heavy Equipment Required

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Blind Pursuit

Conceal Movement. Conceal Scents.

Orion hunting blinds are modular and fully insulated with an exterior surrounded in aluminum to keep Mother Nature out and an interior covered in sound-deadening carpet to keep noises concealed – ceiling, walls, and floor. 

Weatherproof window seals and 2” of insulation will keep the kids warm and dry.

Yeah... the kids...

Elevate Your Pursuit

All steel Orion elevated hunting stands pass the shake-test and won’t rot over time. Available ladder or stair options attach to a standard 40”x 60” deck that won’t have you leaning, twisting, and turning when entering the blind.

Hunt Orion

"This is the blind I have been waiting for for years. I have built many blinds over the years for both personal use and for clients and I have been a dealer for other commercial blinds and have never been satisfied until now. The Orion Hunting Products solves the problem of getting blinds out in the field and up on towers due to its ingenious design that allows it to be assembled on-site and moved easily if necessary. Orion’s quality, features, and design is truly a game-changer."


JT’s Outdoors Land and Forest Management LLC