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About Orion Hunting Products - Factory + Team Photos

What do you get when you take a group of engineers with a passion for hunting? 

Orion® Hunting Products - Forged in the Northwoods

Growing up in the upper Midwest, hunting is a rite of passage. For generations, fathers and grandfathers teach their children the ways of the hunt - and ours were no exception.

As engineers, we wanted to improve on the traditional hunting blind and hunting stands available on the market.

As hunters, we wanted to improve on the safety and comfort of hunting in rugged terrain and cold temperatures.

The safety measures incorporated into our Orion® blinds and stands allow hunters of all ages to get out there without risking an accident.

All Orion® hunting blinds and Orion® hunting stands are designed by engineers and manufactured at our facility in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Orion® Hunting Products - Hunt Without Limits. Hunt Orion®.

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