Hunt in an Elevated Deer Stand

Why Hunt in an Elevated Deer Stand?

Improve Your Chances of a Trophy Buck by Hunting in an Elevated Deer Stand

Hunting from an elevated deer stand offers several advantages that can significantly enhance your hunting experience and success. Orion Hunting Blinds, known for their innovative design and practicality, provide an excellent choice for elevated hunting. Here’s why you should consider using an elevated deer stand from Orion Hunting Products.

  1. Enhanced Line of Sight: Elevated deer stands provide a higher vantage point, allowing you to see further and spot deer more easily. Orion Hunting Blinds have windows in good spots for a wide view of your hunting area, helping you see the game better. We provide a panoramic view of your hunting area.
  2. Stealth and Concealment: Hunting from above decreases the chances of deer seeing you. Orion designed the elevated stands to blend seamlessly with the environment, helping you remain undetected. The elevated positions also minimize movement, reducing the chance of alerting deer to your presence.
  3. Increased Shooting Accuracy: Elevation allows you to take more precise and controlled shots. A downward angle helps you see your target better and reduces obstacles that could get in the way of your shot.
  4. Scent Control: Deer have a keen sense of smell, and your scent can easily give away your position when hunting at ground level. Elevated stands help keep your scent above the deer’s nose level, making it harder for them to detect your presence and increasing your chances of staying undetected.
  5. Ideal for Introducing New Hunters: Elevated deer stands provide a controlled environment, making them ideal for introducing new hunters, including children, to the sport. They offer a safe and stable platform, allowing beginners to learn and practice hunting skills in a secure setting.
  6. Reduced Ground Disturbance: Hunting from an elevated deer stand minimizes your impact on the ground, reducing noise and disturbance that could alert deer to your presence. This can be especially beneficial in densely wooded or bushy areas where ground movement is easily detected.

With the quality and durability Orion is known for, you have a reliable and effective hunting setup. View our inventory of hunting blinds and elevated deer blind stands. Orion Hunting Products are designed by hunters and engineers and are fully manufactures at our facility in Iron Mountain, Michigan. If you want to learn more about elevated hunting blinds, contact our team today by calling (906)767-0270!