Blind Pursuit - Orion Modular Hunting Blinds


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Blind Set Up Without the Headache

Assembly is a walk in the park.

Position your box blind anywhere you want to be.


Huntsheild Panel

Introducing the HuntShield Panel

Constructed with structural adhesive between every layer to ensure strength.

Every panel is built with safety, comfort and experience in mind.

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Soundshield 360

Keep Noise Out and Movement Concealed

SoundShield360 covers all surfaces - ceiling, floor, and walls - with blackout sound deadening carpet.


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Ultrablack Alumashield 360

Pest Proof Exterior-Grade Aluminum

The UltraBlack AlumaShield360 exterior is maintenance free and protects your box blind from weather and pests - top, bottom and all sides.


Hold'er steady

Weather Resistant Window Seals

Soft rubber window gaskets seal out the weather while sealing in scents.

Hold ‘er Steady - an added bonus - the bulb seal doubles as a quiet soft shoot rest as you take aim.

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